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Gloucester Star Set, Released at the AQC 2023 - a Timeless set of templates that will see you using  your scraps.

Endless designs can be created with this set.

Release Date April 13th 2023 at the AQC

Carlton Gardens, Victoria.

Beautiful Wedding signage now available at Flip la K.

From Guestbooks, place tags, ceremony signs, celebration signs, choose from our standard signs or tell us what you need, together we can create solutions to suit your needs

Flip-n Spinning Compass is just one of our new Piecing Templates - discover the range in the shop piecing templates section - or click on the button below!

The block itself is a half square triangle - a total scrap buster!

Flip-n Flashing Star for those who love the finished result of stars but not keen on sewing triangles, the Flashing Star is one of four templates in the series that result in a square block finished - make 4 - complete as a 4 patch to bring the block alive!

Check out the range under Shop piecing templates